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Optional lamp have skills?

  Writing desk lamp in the purchase, in addition to checking its optical properties, but also a pull, two tone, three shake, four touch, five visits, six measurements.
  "Pull": refers to the power cord plug from the socket, firmly pull the power cord to the outside of the lamp chamber, watching the power cable connection is solid. The power cord can not be detached from the lamp chamber.
  "Tune": refers to a variety of work adjusting lamp position, the regulation can not be audible, work location should be able to easily and reliably locked after adjustment.
  "Shake": refers to the work lamp adjusted to the most unfavorable position, and then gently shake the lamp is placed flat, easy to see whether the overturned lamp, table lamp stability is not good, it is easy to fall over.
  "Touch": refers to the lamp lit for some time (two hours), the heat-generating components by hand using the touch lamp and so easily accessible is hot, to prevent future use when was accidentally scalded.
  "Look": See lamp lighting problems in the body's normal sitting position, the light should be level with the people's attention, not to make direct light eyes. Light irradiation range should be within the entire working area, should not be too scattered,Can not be too concentrated, maintaining consistent lighting illumination, and bright or dark when not kept flashing.
  "Test": avoid flicker affect vision, can test a small rotating gyroscope in the light, if not reversed illusion, then there is no flicker, can be used.
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