Lamps What are the features and role?

  Lamp, according to the use of functional classification are: reading lamps, decorative table lamp, portable table lamp.
  Reading: Body shape simple portable means designed to read and write the lamp, this lamp can generally adjust the height of the poles, light direction and brightness, mainly lighting reading function;
  Decoration: luxurious appearance, materials and styles, light body structure is complex, the effect of space for embellishment, decorative lighting function and function are equally important.
  Bedroom lamp table lamp itself far beyond the value of lamp has become a rare work of art. In the re-decoration light decoration idea, lamp decorative features will be more apparent.
  Entertainment: In addition to reading lamp, decorative outside. The latest technology is also like a robot, moves, dancing. Auto-dimming. play music. Clock, video, touch, and other functions, special ceramic lamp technology also has The value of the collection.
  Lighting in the home life of the play what role? Night, lighting is a wizard, is to create a warm atmosphere experts. Through light level, allowing space richer vitality; during the day, into the bedroom art deco lamps, It and furniture, cloth, decorations dotted together with the beauty of life, light plays an important role in the living room space.
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