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Lamps need to use the notes

  China AC of 50Hz, ie changes 50 times per second. Therefore, direct use of alternating lights are flickering and flashing frequency is generally 100 times / sec, grid frequency is doubled, that changes 100 times per second.
  The human eye can perceive sensory changes within 30Hz, lighting changes 100 times per second (by the bright dark, and then from dark to bright ......), although we will not be perceived, but the study says that these changes (flashing ) to the human eye, will The role: as light effect on the human eye, in the eyes of the pupil will shrink; for low light, the pupil will enlarge.
  Therefore, direct application of the alternating current lamp to the eye will be hurt (refers to the regular use of student reading lamp). Someone invented the high-frequency light, is change thousands of times per second, the human eye due to the change with no time, Do not feel changes, which can be said to be "unchanged", and achieve the purpose of the eye. Ordinary 50Hz AC into high frequency alternating current, the use of electronic inverter. That high-frequency light, the actual first 50Hz AC Into a high frequency alternating current, and then a high frequency alternating current lighting.
  However, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation power will increase, that is, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation than regular incandescent lights, fluorescent electromagnetic radiation large, it may cause another injury. In addition, the high does not mean not strobe flash.
  1. The use of paper, cloth and other flammable materials do not go near the tube (to avoid fires);
  2. When installing or wipe the lamp, be sure to turn off the power (to avoid electrical shock);
  3. Use the specified power lamp (avoid causing shorten lamp life);
  4. Make sure to install the lamp plugged into lampholder (avoid dropping the injury);
  5. Please do not touch the lamp to avoid injury (injury to avoid damage);
  6. Use or after lights off, do not touch the tube (to avoid burns);
  7. Do not use in high humidity or high temperatures;
  8. When using a low temperature, complete lighting lamps take some time, but when the lights flashing lights, such a situation is normal;
  9. lamps started, the electrode near a black top or in small spots is a normal situation.
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