How chandelier cleaning and maintenance?

  Generally more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complex shape and shade, damp if dusty, lamps often easy to rust, paint, dust and shade due to the growing dim, if not dealt with, an average reduction of about one hundred a year 30 parts per, in a few years, the chandelier dim without luster.
Cleaning step
  Before removing, turn off the power, do not scrub with a wet cloth holder, to prevent leakage;
  When scrubbing, you can be light-colored cotton socks or double bath towel over and sets in your hand, gently wipe the lamps;
  After cleaning, should be as lamps installed, not missing equipment, the wrong equipment parts. Do not change the structure of the lamp or replace its parts.
Shade cleaning:
  Shade cloth, with a small vacuum cleaner to suck dust on the surface, then pour some detergent scrub. If the inside of the shade is paper material, to avoid direct use of detergent to prevent breakage, you can wipe with a dry cloth.
 Frosted glass shade with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to clean, soft cloth dirt bump at the package deal with a toothpick.
  Dirt metal lamp holder on the rear surface of the first to get rid of the dust, then squeeze a little toothpaste on a cotton cloth to scrub.
  A little trick: About a beer bottle of vinegar poured Banpen water and mix thoroughly, soak the cloth in which the wipe fixtures after wringing.
  Chandelier remember not placed within easy damp house use, it will be very easy to fall off the chandelier. And it should always be checked from time to time.
  Lighting is best not to use water to clean, dry cloth dampened with water to clean as long as you can, if not careful we should try to hit the water dry, should immediately wipe with a damp cloth after the turn on the lights, light bulbs because the high temperature water easily burst.
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