Optional ceiling should pay attention to what matters?

  1. The suspension height, shade, texture and form balls of light required to choose carefully to avoid uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier to the right, usually about 55-60 cm from the desktop, and should be free to choose the Liter, lamps fall means to facilitate height adjustment and selection. Like plastic beige chandelier, natural shape without carving, free. Shade spiral shape can be adjusted.
  2. The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground. Too low to harm the role of the human eye, or will affect people's normal line of sight, people feel dazzling.
  3. The best choice for consumers can install energy-efficient light source chandelier, do not choose a chandelier plating, because the plating layer long time easy to fade. Select all metal and glass and other materials consistent inside and outside the chandelier.
  4. Market, 200 yuan chandelier in order to have a certain quality assurance. Consumers do not choose too cheap chandeliers on the market, about 1,000 yuan chandelier in order to have a certain quality assurance, quality chandeliers 1,000 yuan The amount is generally poor.
  5. Luxury chandelier generally suitable duplex apartment, simple style suitable for general residential low pressure lanterns.
  6. The most expensive grade genus crystal chandeliers, crystal chandeliers but really very little, crystal chandeliers sells Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, sales of the north is very small, which is also related to the northern air quality, because the crystal chandeliers The dust is not easy to clean up.
  7. consumers choose the best sub-control switch with chandeliers, chandelier lamp so that if more can be partially lit.
  8. The chandelier hook is very important and must be able to withstand chandelier 6-8 times the weight, otherwise there will be danger of falling chandelier to the injured person.
  9. The chandelier light source power: incandescent bulbs is 40 ~ 100W, fluorescent mostly 30 ~ 40W.
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