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Chandelier purchase method

  Chandelier generally it composed of metal, glass, electrical and other several parts, buy quality when spotted these parts of the package you choose to fine chandeliers.
1. Check chandelier adhesion
  Now the most commonly used is the test hundred words lattice, is in the measured object object with a blade partitioned into 100 1 mm pitch "well" shape, then stick with adhesive tape. If you can stick out, indicating that the adhesion is insufficient.
2. Check the metal surface and the chandelier shape
  Are there black metal surface, rust, scratches, little paint, paint, paint leakage flow paint, dirt and other negative phenomena; with the entire branch lights have color; metal part without deformation; check whether there are welding touch point is too large, Sealing off and other phenomena; if there are blank front polished.
3. Check the electrical part of the chandelier
  Check the power supply section chandelier: see wires for damage; lamp deformation, cracking, chipping; whether tongues cap crooked, loose; whether the positive and negative close; with a multimeter (check Channeling resistance), high voltage tester (general High pressure is: 2U1000, check the leakage and short circuit), ground resistance tester (resistance value is greater than a predetermined value) and other deep-level examination.
4. Check glass chandelier
  Glass from the general specifications, roundness, weight, appearance of four to test. Phenomena addition, the glass should be smooth, does not appear blank front, rough; not contain impurities in the glass, the surface can not have dirt, black spots.
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