Advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps


  1, energy saving.
  2, long life.
  3, the applicability of good, because of the small volume of single LED, can be made into any shape.
  4, short response time, is ns (nanosecond) level of response time, while ordinary lamps is ms (millisecond) response time level.
  5, environmental protection, non-hazardous metal waste recycling easy.
  6, colorful, luminous color pure, narrow spectral range, and by mixing three primary colors red, green and blue as colorful or white.
  1, the price expensive.
  2, the current efficiency of the light can generally be done and there is a big gap between the theoretical optical efficiency.
  3, the current life and can do theoretical life (10w hours) there is a big gap.
  4, there are still some heat.
  5, the light fades can also be significantly reduced.
  6, there is radiation.
  However, these disadvantages can be overcome by improving the process, so even if the current LED light source can not completely replace the existing traditional light sources, but with the technology of the future must be the LED world.
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