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You will install floor lamp?

  Now the home more and the more people start using floor lamps, floor lamps in the home mainly placed in the coffee table, sofa corner edge, a certain lighting functions, but more disposed to atmosphere, floor lamp installation methodWhat is it?
Floor lamp Installation:
Floor lamp style style very much, so many people who worry about a bad installation, in fact, is a relatively simple floor lamp fixtures, as long as he is also clear that the process can be installed, because although the style floor lamp
  Numerous, but are similar in design, the installation of the main attention to the following four points can be:
1, Before You Begin
To read carefully before installing floor lamp installation drawings and product specifications, and prepare common lighting installation tools, such as flat Phillips screwdriver and hammer. Open part package after it is best not to confuse, if similar

  The parts are more general installation drawings will draw life-size comparison chart, the unused parts crossed, very easy to distinguish between the various parts.
2, pre-installation check
Click to check before installing the floor lamp parts and other conditions, such as sheet metal floor lamp found damaged, contact the merchant for additional documents. To install the screws, place the eccentric, wooden shaft, will make a good guide hole parts Orientation not worry. The need to pay attention, do not occur on the wrong parts and then repeatedly screwed, otherwise easily damaged plate, installed also often appear unstable, tilt and so on.
3, install floor lamp
Floor lamps are usually cast iron block should have the chassis, the base surface area slightly smaller size, black plastic cap should be used to secure the shade fasteners, spare parts from the bottom of the order should be: to tighten the nut chassis, cast iron chassis, Base, poles, lamp, lampshade, plastic fasteners, bulbs.
Floor lamp poles out of the power cable through the chassis to tighten the nut, cast iron chassis, base, and then connect the power cord and wrapped with electrical tape, chassis should have the power cord recess bits sticking out.

4, the installation after inspection
Floor lamps to be installed after a simple check process, through the power switch to check the situation, if it works, all screws are tightened in place, there is no loose and so on.
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