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Buy large floor lamp 3 points

1, the illuminated floor lamp height to pay attention
  On the purchase of illuminated floor lamp, we should consider factors such as ceiling height to 1.70 meters -1.80 m high floor lamp, for example, the ceiling height of 2.40 meters above the best, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only be setIn the local area, it will make people feel the light is too bright soft enough. At the same time, the use of illuminated floor lamp, home ceiling preferably white or light-colored ceiling material preferably have a reflective effect.
2, straight-illuminated floor lamp brightness to note
  When straight-illuminated floor lamp purchase to pay attention, preferably lower than under the shade along the eye, so that it will not be due to exposure to light bulbs to make eye discomfort. In addition, indoor light contrast is too Assembly to increase the load eyes, try to choose can be adjustedLight floor lamp. When in use, due to the straight-line focus illuminated light is best avoided in the vicinity of the reading position mirrors and glass products, so as not to cause discomfort reflective.
3, pay attention to modeling style floor lamp style
  If you buy "shape style floor lamp" The lamp may say it is not used for lighting, it is more like in the home environment of a "light sculpture." Of course, buy these floor lamp, and it should consider the overall style of a homeConsistency. For example, a heavy stone noble blood flower classic floor lamp, and yuppie style streamlined modern furniture that is poles apart.
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